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1994 Gasgas EC 125 Lightweight Motorcycle

1994 Gasgas  EC 125 Motorcycle Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo
1994 Gasgas  EC 125 Motorcycle Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike photo 1
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Uploaded by makabetka on Jul 2, 2012
Model ID
Make and ModelGasgas EC 125
CategoryLightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike
Engine Capacity124 cm³
Engine Power6 kW (8 PS(Hp))
Fuel TypePetrol
GearboxManual gearbox
Gas Gas 125 Ec Year 2003
filled with 12 original HP and street legal
currently using Leichtkraftrad 6KW / 80 Km / h therefore allowed starting 16J. to drive.

 Rckbau done in 5 minutes.

The machine has the 43 hp, would only dafr Food Producer of the weight in Germany has never been authorized.
Therefore, it is declared by the manufacturer as well as reduces power to 100 km / h.

The conversion took place when my son acquired with 16j (2007) the Fherschein. I have the machine when he was 14 was purchased from a dealer, where she was standing just to test it out in the shop window.
Subsequently, all rubber parts replaced and stored the new engine. 2008, a new cylinder head and piston, because the candle had been broken during the trip. There were various items such as e.g. the swingarm / rear new bearings and replaced several other parts, for which the long service life were not good. Wear parts such as clutch, etc., were renewed and laut all service durchgefrt manufacturer specifications. It was used only the best oils (Motul) and always built the best parts. Over the two years of use still paneling all parts of the new 2006 model were built. A ProTaper handlebars Take Control, VForce3 carbon membrane and several minor changes were made to the motorcycle. The bike runs well over 100 km / h speedometer loud, without the work and the throttle 80 km / h restriction. The bike was rarely driven in the terrain, it was used as a recreational vehicle. My son is now automotive mechatronics. The Gas Gas was his one and only. It was screwed every Saturday at her, too manufactured and cleaned. The bike has been a 2J. in the garage and once a month, gas is gas bewegt.Die new tires (run about 200 km). Brakes and all the best. You can be as the TÜV.
The reactor was built just for TÜVabnahme because it is not good in the long run the engine gets.

Lightweight Motorcycle/Motorbike >> Motorcycle Makers >> Gasgas >> 1994 EC 125 - Information and Pictures

  Gasgas EC 125 Timeline
  • 1994
  • 1997

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